Ethical Art Elements

Canvas Shoes

Our supply chain is traceable from start to finish.

Made Organically
No nasty chemicals, organic materials environmentally friendly.

Wear What You Believe In
Certified organic cotton, fair trade and vegan. Our goal is to make your journey into ethical fashion as seamless as possible.

4 fleur-de-lis pointing in 4 different directions: Toward the top, bottom, left and right. In between the fleur-de-lis there are triangles and under the triangles are 3 circles together forming "bubble" triangles. The color of the fleur-de-lis are black, the color of the triangles are light sea foam green, and the color of the bubble triangles are black.
Face Masks

Fabric face masks for personal preventative measures. Featuring adjustable around-the-head straps, not over-ear, to ensure comfort. Flexible nose piece to mould to form. This sturdy Chambray mask features soft white 100% cotton jersey pocket lining for an optional filter to be inserted. These 2-ply cotton masks are washable, reusable and come in a handy cotton bag.

Dorsu was founded on the principles that clothing should be produced in a way that embraces people and causes as little harm to the environment as possible. Dorsu was established to set an example within the Cambodian and global garment industry.


Since 1964 Derivan has been committed to providing the arts community with the world’s finest-quality artist acrylic colours and mediums. The founders of the company had a vision “to make available to artists worldwide a premium paint while remaining environmentally and socially responsible”.