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Their Souls Live On: Community Art Project

An inside wall mural of shoes hand painted with meaningful messages from the Sistrunk community residents and surrounding neighborhoods.


2022 Ongoing Project of Support to Lovelin – Be a part of her story by donating to her new life.

Image is a visual art painting. It is acrylic paint on canvas. In the center of the painting, there is a silver metal shield with a pink heart in the center of it. Actually, the heart has the colors of pink, blue, and purple; the colors representing bisexual people. Surrounding the shield, in the top right corner are silhouettes of gang members holding guns and machete, the bottom right of the painting shows the continent of Africa and South America with the central American countries barely being seen because the bottom of the shield covers them, and the western part of the United States is barely seen to the left of the shield. The bottom left of the painting is the trunk of the tree of life and a little way up on the trunk is an old style telephone. The telephone is black with black numbers and grey background for the dial. The phone has a handle that you pick up and put to your ear and mouth. On the upper left hand corner of the painting, the tree of life branches spread out. One of the branches follows the top lines of the shield and on that branch is a black and white cat with the face markings of a raccoon. The cat belongs to the two women told in the story. The cat’s name is Lovelin. The colors represented on the background: the gang members' silhouettes are mostly black, their background is blurry dark green and dark purple as if they are in the jungle, the continents are green, light and dark browns indicating the terrain of the continents. The tree is lines of black, dark brown, gray, white, multi-colors showing shadows and depth.

“Lovelin” focuses on a bisexual woman currently seeking asylum in the US after fleeing her country in Africa. She and her girlfriend were caught being together in a nightclub; her girlfriend was killed shielding her from the attackers. This painting tells her story through her words and images. More about “Lovelin”.

About the Artist

The artist, Vicki Rosenthal, is sitting at her desk painting a pair of shoes. She is a white woman with short dark blonde hair and wearing glasses. She is holding a black canvas hi-top sneaker in her left hand and a paint brush in her right hand. She is wearing a black short sleeve tee-shirt and blue jeans. On her desk there is lots of paints for her painting project.

Vicki Rosenthal is a visual artist focusing on social impact in community involvement projects, public art and individual custom work that evokes social responsibility, social change, empathy, and equity.

The art projects create space for people to share their stories whether an individual, community or organization. Many projects have promoted education, environmental preservation and sustainability, TLGBQIA+ rights, immigration justice, cancer prevention, and voting equity. People and community organizations share their causes and inspirations with me and we create projects together.

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